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25th July 2015 (Day 2): Shopping

unnamedTaking it easy today to get over travelling tiredness and get used to the heat.  So we had breakfast at the hotel, which was very good for a free buffet, and headed to the Vineland Avenue outlet shops (which are the closest ones to the hotel).  We had forgotten that it was a Sunday though and the shops didn’t open until 10am, so we had a bit of time to kill as we had arrived earlier than this.

Did take a picture of the teeny tiny car we had though.  We did think that the colour would mean we wouldn’t lose it in the massive car parks at the parks though!  Turned out it was so small that it was usually hidden behind something else.


A very green car
A very green car

One warning sign that shows you’re in Florida was interesting:


Weren’t as many bargains to be had as in the past (seems to getting less each time we come, although the exchange rate this trip was one of the worse we’ve had at $1.5=£1, so guess everything seemed to feel a bit more expensive). But did get some things for Rosemary, as normal!

After shopping we decided to go to Downtown Disney, now known as Disney Springs.  Parking was a bit of a hassle as we ended up across the road in the staff parking area and on the minibus shuttle back to Disney Springs itself.  We didn’t have any great plans although we wanted to get some Magic Bands today so we would have them ready for the parks tomorrow.  So we took a wander through.

The Candy Cauldron looked as good as always and definitely going to get some this trip.

Candy Cauldron
Candy Cauldron

And we did what every Star Wars obsessed fans do (and even Rosemary is a bit of a fan) and tried on all the hats in the shops.

Leia Mouse
Leia Mouse

We went to get our Magic Bands (picture another day) and chose the ones we wanted.  We thought we were going to have to set them up at magic Kingdom and endure the queue but the very friendly man in Disney Pin Traders told us we could get our tickets, which had been bought from the UK at the Guest Relations desk at Disney Springs which we didn’t know.  So picked up the credit card style tickets from them in 5 minutes flat and back to Pin Traders.  All set up for us and linked to our Disney Experience accounts so all our reservations etc were all linked up to our Bands. Very helpful!

Earl_of_Sandwich_(restaurant)_logo.svgWe weren’t feeling particularly hungry at this point but it was dinner time and we wanted an early night ready for Magic Kingdom tomorrow.  So we got a sandwich from the Earl of Sandwich.  And turned out to be just what we wanted.  We’ve never been in there before (we’re from England, we have sandwiches all the time and why would we want one on holiday) but enjoyed what we had and added to that it was pretty cheap.


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