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1st January 2017 (Day 15)-Seaworld and Home


The end of our trip.

We packed up our bags and loaded the car and had decided to spend a few hours at SeaWorld before going to the airport.

We first headed the Wild Arctic and took the motion simulator (as there was no queue today) to gain entrance to the rest of the Arctic area.


The Beluga Whales were particularly active and swam past several times.

While in that area of the park we had some snacks (making sure we had used up everything we had bought in Walmart) and Rosemary had a Shamu ice cream.

Shamu Bar

And a ride on the Shamu Express as well.

Shamu Express

After 14 days I was pretty burnt out taking photos so there wasn’t photos of everything and we just wanted a nice relaxing few hours before the long flight home.  But were looked around some the aquariums and spent time just watching the animals.

We did get to ride the Empire of the Penguin ride and see the penguins at the end of it.


And a last visit to see the stingrays as well.


And then unfortunately it was back to the car to head to the airport.  A smooth drop off for the car at the terminal and then a straightforward check-in followed (once we found the right set of desk, having gone in completely the wrong direction to start with).  And then an overnight flight back to London.

So….until the next time!

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