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10th February 2018 (Day 2)-One World Observatory and Natural History Museum

Our first morning in New York and Rosemary decided the view from the window was better than putting the TV on.

Taking in the view

After unpacking a bit more we headed out to get some breakfast and after asking at the front desk were recommended John’s Coffee Shop, which was just a short walk from the hotel.

Pancakes for breakfast

I’d prebooked some of our trips during our stay and this morning was the first one with a visit to the One World Observatory at the top of the Freedom Tower. To get there we took the short walk to 42nd Street and headed to Grand Central Station to get the subway. There is a short link from there to Times Square which proved really handy for us as it just goes between the two.

Grand Central Station

And we then got the subway for the first time heading downtown.

One the subway

Don’t recall now which station we got the subway to but we had a short walk through the back streets to the Freedom Tower and got our first sight of it on the way. For something so large you’d think it would be hard to miss but it was hidden behind the tall buildings.

Freedom Tower

We had an entry time booked and we were allowed up the tower, ears popping on the way.

One World Observatory

The views from the observatory were pretty amazing even though the weather wasn’t ideal with some low cloud and a little bit of rain.

Brooklyn Bridge
Looking towards Liberty Island
Looking Uptown

The glassfloor is a bit of a cheat as it’s actually TV screens (as there isn’t a part which overhangs) but still makes you feel super dizzy and gives the sensation of vertigo.

Don’t look down!
Compulsory Selfie

After a couple of hours the weather started to turn and the clouds rolled in along with the rain. So we decided to head out and get some lunch. We went down the lift and into the Occulus, which is the shopping centre located underneath the tower. It’s a pretty amazing place in it’s own right.

The Occulus

We had some sushi and then a Starbucks while deciding what to do for the afternoon. As the weather wasn’t so great and there was actually a little bit of snow falling we decided to go the Natural History Museum.

Welcome to Jurassic Park

There was a massive queue to get in as clearly a lot of other people had the same idea as we did, but eventually we got in and headed to see the dinosaurs (along with everyone else). It is one of the most impressive collections though.

Shock and awe
Not a dinosaur but a very impressive fossil regardless

We spent a good few hours in the museum before wanting to get some food. Just time to see some more skeletons.

We took the subway to Times Square, where we could link up to the shuttle to Grand Central station, but got out to get some food.

Subway to Times Square
Times Square

An amazing first day in New York.

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