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11th February 2018 (Day 3)-Natural History Museum

On our third day in New York we decided to take things a bit easy and revisited the Natural History Museum, which hadn’t really been our plan anyway the day before and we’d gone because the weather had turned a bit rainy and even some snow.

So after some breakfast we got the subway to the Upper Westside to the Natural History Museum. We could take our time a bit today and wanted to visit some of the areas we didn’t get a chance to go to the previous day.

Natural History Museum

We started the day in the area with the planetarium and lots of displays about the Earth and the planets.


They had an amazing meteor which is made of iron. Wouldn’t have liked to have been anywhere near where this landed!

Huge Meteor

We also visited the marine galleries where they have a giant blue whale hanging from the ceiling.

Giant Blue Whale

We also wanted to find the Easter Island statue that you see in Night at the Museum. After a little while we did find Dum Dum.

Dum Dum

While we were in the museum we did stop in their cafe to have some snacks but also had a relaxed time walking around the museum. We couldn’t resist taking some more photos with the dinosaurs in the entrance though.


Once we were done and we left we headed to Times Square again for some dinner and some selfies.

Times Square
Times Square

A relaxing and non-stressful day.

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