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13th February 2018 (Day 5)-New York Public Library, Empire State Building and 9/11 Museum

A packed day coming up today but we started in New York style with coffee and doughnuts from Dunkin’ Doughnuts and a walk to 42nd Street.

New York Morning

Our first stop was at the New York Public Library.

New York Public Library

Our plan had been to just pop in and have a little look, and maybe find where the ghosts were, but one of the extremely friendly security staff said we couldn’t come in with a child without visiting the children’s library. So we went down to the basement to find it. They had a little display there of the original Winnie the Pooh toys, so we got a photo with a book for Rosemary’s “Reading in Unusual Places” challenge.

Winnie the Pooh

It was then a relatively short walk to our next place, which was the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building

The building itself is an amazing Art Deco construction and decorated to match. But the views from the observation deck are hard to beat.

Empire State Building
Empire State Building
Empire State Building
Empire State Building

Rosemary was somewhat obsessed with the binoculars and we had a hard time pulling her away from them when we decided to leave after being up the top for quite some time just enjoying the views.

Empire State Building

We grabbed a burger and a drink at Wendy’s and couldn’t resist this classic New York scene.

Steam Vents

We then headed back the Freedom Tower for a visit to the 9/11 museum. Our last visit to New York ended on 10th September 2001, so when we got home to the UK it was 9/11. So we have always been very aware of the events of that terrible day. A visit to the museum therefore seemed very appropriate, and although it may have been a little scary for Rosemary we had explained it all to her beforehand.

Before going in we spent some time at the pools which mark the sites of the towers and have the names of all the victims of the attack.

Twin Tower Pools and Memorial

The museum is very impressive and the space it occupies is also amazing in it’s vastness. We decided that some areas weren’t really appropriate for Rosemary to visit though as they were potentially too scary due to the realness of it all. So we focused more on the construction of the Twin Towers.

The visit was quite emotional in many ways, especially as how close we had come to actually being in New York that day.


We spent a little while longer at the site. It was dark by the time we came out and it was nice to see the area in darkness.

But Rosemary was definitely getting tired by this time so we headed back to Times Square again (as it was the best place to connect to the shuttle which ran from Times Square to Grand Central Station and then walk from there back to our hotel). So we stopped off for food and drinks at Red Lobster.

Red Lobster and Cocktails

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